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INTEGRITY HARDWOOD FLOORS provides the highest quality flooring installation and finishing in the industry. For general contractors, we strive to always meet timing demands and to keep a clean, safe work area. For homeowners, we cater to the most selective tastes, including inlays, feature strips, and integration, with painstaking attention to the most intricate details. We provide a full-service hardwood line-up.
From initial consultation to clean-up and final follow-up, we address all customer concerns and strive for total satisfaction. Our remodel team specializes in integrating with existing flooring and decor so that the end product looks as if it were planned in the original design. We look forward to serving you.

Our floors are truly a valuable and enjoyable investment.

Your Flooring Project: What You Need To Know

Once you have chosen to move forward with your wood flooring enhancement, here is what you need to know. Integrity Hardwood Floors cares about you and your home. So that we can exceed your expectations, please review this valuable information about your wood flooring project.The project phases discussed are Selection, Preparation, Execution, and Conclusion. Although situations differ, the following items are a guideline of what you can expect during each of these phases of the process.

Project Selection

  • Estimation: First, one of our representatives will meet with you to discuss all the possibilities and choices that we will be able to offer you. If you have any specific concerns about your existing floor (i.e. warping, cupping, pet stains, gaps and cracks etc.), please make us aware immediately. Initial estimation is the best time to evaluate those to assure that we have addressed the resolution of these issues and the costs associated with them.

  • Proposal: Once you have decided on your selection of products and services, we will then provide you with a detailed proposal specifying the cost of your project via email. Following that, you should receive a phone call so that we can ensure your receipt of the proposal, and give you an opportunity to discuss any questions that you may have. Please make us aware of your communication preferences so that our follow-up communications are appropriate for your expectations.

  • Procurement: Once we have come to an agreement on your selections of product and services, we will schedule your project according to a time frame that is convenient for you. We will manage your project, including scheduling, material preparation, communication, and access. We will be requesting a payment of 50% down. The balance is due upon satisfactory completion of the project.

Project Preparation
  • Furniture and Appliances: The homeowner is responsible for the moving of all furniture and appliances unless specific agreements have been made with Integrity Hardwood Floors to perform this work at additional cost.

  • Home Access: Prior to the day of the scheduled project, please provide instructions to the Field Supervisor for access to your home. Secure key with a lock-box or garage code are some options. Please call us with any questions that you may have.

  • Home Absence: Depending on the services provided, it is likely you will need to spend time outside of the home. For example, if you cannot access living space without stepping on the hardwood floor. Please clarify these expectations so you can make advance preparations.

  • “Less Dust” Systems (Dust Collection and Protection): If we are sanding or buffing, our equipment is either vacuum attached or a bag attached for the purpose of collecting the sanding dust. These systems are not 100% effective, therefore there will be residual sanding dust as a result of the process. There are no completely “dust free” processes for sanding floors. We will make reasonable attempts to minimize dust, and we can optionally protect certain areas and items at a minimal additional charge by using plastic sheeting. Please be aware that dust will exist upon completion, and cleaning will likely be required. We can provide cleaning services at your advanced request. Also, areas that are not directly involved in the flooring project WILL potentially have sanding dust as well, so take adequate precautions to protect these items.

  • Special Considerations: If you have special considerations that you would like us to follow (rooms not to be disturbed, conditions of lighting upon our departure, doors to enter or not enter by, pet instructions, etc.) please make us aware prior to the project starting so that we can update the proposal with these notes and respect your expectations.

Project Execution
  • Progress Communication: Throughout the project, we will keep you apprised of progress. Furthermore, you may call us during the process of your project with questions, concerns, or clarification requests.

  • Change Orders: If a situation arises during the project that requires changes to the original proposal, progress may stop until there is a resolution and/or an agreement made between you and Integrity Hardwood Floors in writing. We will move forward with the project when there is a signed adjusted proposal.

  • Errors and Omissions: We do our best to ensure the accuracy of our measurements and the estimated costs of materials associated with your project. In the rare event that a human error occurs or the cost of materials change, upon that discovery we will work with you to address it in a fair and balanced way that is agreeable to both parties.

Final Finishing: The final finish is the most crucial step in the process. Extra care must be taken to assure proper aesthetic results. Typically we usually do not return to the job after this step, please be aware that:

  • The lights may be left on in some rooms for best visibility as we apply the finish. Often, it is not feasible to turn those off due to switch locations and wet finish.

  • Some interior doors may be left open where finish is applied. Exterior doors will be closed and locked as requested by the customer.

  • Tape along carpet edges is to protect carpet from finish and can be removed by the customer once the finish is dry.

Project Conclusion
  • Finish Curing Process: The final finish dries in about 4 hours to a point where it can be walked on without shoes, we don’t recommend this however. In 24 hours it is 70% to 80% cured, and most furniture can be moved on in 72 hours. However, rugs and anything with a large footprint sitting directly on the floor should not be replaced for 3 to 5 days as the floor needs air movement to finish curing.

  • Replacing Furniture and Appliances: We do not replace furniture or appliances unless specifically negotiated to include those services by professionals. We recommend professional replacement of pianos and any water or gas appliances. Refrigerators and other heavy appliances or furniture should be moved over the floor only using a protective sheet, like “Masonite”, to protect the floor.

  • Inspection: Following the completion of your project, please inspect the project comparing the work to the signed proposal. PLEASE NOTE: As a natural product, wood floors will have irregularities. These are a normal part of the natural beauty of a hardwood floor. Furthermore, the environment in your home is variable and some amount of airborne particles, dust, and hair may settle in the finish. Therefore, industry standards allow for imperfections in a wood floor and its finish. Inspection should be conducted from a standing position in normal lighting conditions. If you have any questions or concerns, we will address them promptly to ensure your satisfaction.

  • Final Payment: Final payment is due upon satisfactory completion. Payments can be made in person to the Field Supervisor or by mail to the address on the invoice. Paid receipts are available upon email request.

  • Care and Maintenance: At your request, we provide a Wood Floor Care and Maintenance Guide. Call us any time with questions about how to properly care for and maintain your wood floor. With proper care and maintenance, a wood floor should provide lasting beauty and utility for generations.

Again, thank you for choosing Integrity Hardwood Floors for your flooring enhancement. We look forward to serving you and your friends in the future, and humbly welcome your referrals.