Take care of simple wood floor problems

Take Care Of Simple Wood Floor Problems

 Life happens on our hardwood floors.

Don’t let life’s little mishaps ruin your day or hardwood floor. Here are some simple ways to address normal issues.

Scuff marks getting you down?

A bit of baking soda on a damp sponge will erase them or try a tennis ball. Just make sure you apply light pressure so you don’t change the sheen. Take caution with a high-gloss finish, as it can slightly dull glossy floors, but duller sheens are usually fine (when in doubt, test it in an inconspicuous spot first).

Noticed a stubborn food, water or grease stain on your hardwood floor?

Always use a commercial cleaner to treat this problem. One that is approved by the manufacture or trusted hardwood floor expert.

Hairline cracks between the floor?

Don’t panic and attempt to fill them. Dry heat during the winter months’ causes wood floors to shrink and crack. Cracks should close up during the summer. I use a humidifier the day we turn the heat on, it is healthy for my sinus and the floor.

Finish looking dull?

It might be time to call a professional to review them. This can be caused by improper cleaning techniques or products plus daily cleaning cannot clean deep enough. A Deep Clean should be done every 12 months to revive the floor. If more is needed a refresh will even the sheen and provide a protective wear layer. The floor is prepped and a new coat applied. Recoating is necessary about every three to seven years based on your lifestyle on the floor.

Scratched or dented my hardwood floor?

Identify what type of scratch you have: Surface Scratch, just in the finish coat or protective layer. Minor Scratch, makes a slight indention into the wood possibly through the color. Deep Scratch, more of a gauge past finish into the wood.

This is more challenging, certain products could hurt the floor more than help or make the issue look worse. Stain pens, fill and other options can work with some simple techniques.

We will tackle these topics more in depth, to help you live life on your hardwood floors with less worries about “life on the floor”.